Graphics and Text Combination

In creating a story in comics, the drawing or illustration is very important as it catches the attention and interest of the reader. Artists should be creative enough to think of unique characters whether he is the main character or the antagonist in the story. Through graphics, a comic book will surely look interesting in the eyes of a comic reader especially for those who are more on visual arts. And text also play a very important role in comics. Graphics plus text combine together.

When graphics and text combine together, it can create an amazing and eye-catching comic book. Both graphics and text are a part of the design. Some of you probably know about computer graphics and how to do it. Through some digital tools such as a computer or a tablet, scanner or digital camera, and an image editing software, it is possible to create the design that you want for your own comic book. Artists do not just focus on the drawing or illustration but also on the text.

In other words, comic book is a story book. In order for the reader to understand the whole story, everything should be arranged in their proper order including the text. The layout of the comic book should be planned correctly as well. It includes the frame, gutter, bleed, foreground, midground, background, and graphic weight. For the text, there should be captions, speech balloons, and special-effects lettering. If graphics and text combine very well, it can surely catch the reader’s interest.