Comics Designing

Arts is truly amazing. And the artist is more amazing, of course. When designing something, arts is usually applied, isn’t it? Even in comics designing, skills in arts is also applied. Comic books are very popular and is one of the bestseller all over the world. Kids who grew up being surrounded by superheroes can be addicted to having a superhero collection either of stuffed toys or comic books. Before making your own comic book, it is very important to consider some necessary things or matters.

Think first of an idea before you start creating a story. And when you already thought about it, you can proceed with the next step which is writing a script. Whether it is written or encoded, it is not much important because it is still not the final output. Anyway, the next thing you have to do is to plan for the layout to be followed by drawing. After drawing, do the inking and coloring, lettering, selling  and marketing, then do the wrap up.

Comic designing is more on the script writing, planning for layout, drawing, inking and coloring, and lettering. Artists pay more attention on these steps after thinking of an idea of what will be the story all about. The story should be unique. There are many comic books about superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The artists who created the designs are so amazing. Without them, there will be no books such as this and kids will have no interest in them.